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The Sun rose on my 41st year

So, for my 40th Birthday, I challenged myself to and completed a total of 40 Miles (made up of running, biking, and walking). This year I came up with a crazy thought of completing 41 reps of 41 different exercises. Full disclosure, I finished today because my Mama surprised me with a kick A B-day present. (Spiderman Movie tickets) :) :) :)

So, the full workout was insane, but proof that no matter what your age, if you challenge yourself and commit to not giving up you can do some crazy cool stuff!!!!!! Every year for my B-day I will come up with something Bad-A and Hope I can live up to it! The hope is to pass on that same encouragement to others and help them realize their potential AND live up to it. Rise and Grind and Shine my friends!!

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