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For Investment in Health and Fitness

CONGRATULATIONS!!! :) :) You have invested in improving your health and challenging yourself by joining Sunergy Fitness in an Exercise Program!! I am super excited to work with you and help you reach your goals!!! 

Accountability is a huge part of success when beginning any new program. To ensure that it works as well as intended, the following contract will help us maintain our plans.


  • Cancellation Policy- Aside from absolute emergencies, a 24 hour notice of cancellation must be sent if you cannot make it to a session. After cancellation, you will have 7 days to reschedule. If you have not rescheduled by the last day, you will forfeit the class and the fee. 

  • Refunds- There are no refunds for paid classes.

  • Late Arrival- Using a virtual platform makes it necessary to adhere to a strict time schedule, therefore if you do come to your session late, it is simply lost time. Your time is super valuable, as is the other clients' waiting to train. 

  • Termination of Plan- If you are not satisfied and wish to terminate your plan, you may absolutely do so at anytime by Email or Call. The charges are monthly, so notice must be given before your payment is due to come out. 


Now that all of that is finished, let's RISE AND GRIND my Friend!!! :)

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