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Hey Sunshines!!

Just a quick Lil thing so you know what I’m all about

My name is Tia Kavulich, I have been a personal trainer since 2016, and love it!!

I am a Mom of two amazing young men, a vegetarian and a gardener(ish), obsessed with adventure, and love hangin out with dope people.

Oh, Also...I enjoy climbing mountains and all of the outdoor things.

I began my fitness journey over ten years ago because I wanted to be ‘fit’. It made the most sense to me to run like a million hours and lose weight fast.

It kinda worked, except I overtrained and ended up with an injury. So, I figured out how to run the correct way and it became my therapy. (True Story...I run to destress and center myself.)

Along the way, I discovered how kick a$$ it felt to get stronger by lifting weights.

Wanting to share this with others, it made perfect sense to combine my love for helping people and the straight awesomeness of lifting to become a personal trainer. It is so much easier to accomplish things when you know what you are doing, and if I can help someone avoid overtraining or not training because they aren't sure what to do..that's what it's all about to me. 

So, fast-forward, and here I am..Sunergy is my baby. My dream of helping people accomplish their goals of getting in great shape and having a blast while doing it. Yaaay!!! 

Let’s Rise and Shine (and Grind) my friends :)  Love Tia <3

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